College City

Perry County is located in the west-central part of the state, and is part of Alabama’s Black Belt region.  Perry County’s most cultural accomplishment is the establishment of institutions of higher learning.  Alabama’s only college for women, Judson College was established in 1838.  Marion Military Institute, the nation’s oldest military junior college was established in 1842 and originally operated as Howard College (now Samford University). Lincoln Normal School founded in 1867 by freed slaves, was one of the first institutions established for the education of African American children after the Civil War.  The normal department moved to Montgomery and became Alabama State University while the primary department remained in Marion and operated until 1970. 

Judson College

The stunning Jewett Hall

Judson College, a private, undergraduate institution committed to academic excellence in the arts, sciences, and professional studies, offers distinguished student-centered academic programs in a residential, single-gender setting and through distance education to both genders.  As a caring, collegiate community related to the Alabama Baptist Convention, Judson College is dedicated to maturing its students into well-adjusted and productive citizens through the transmission of knowledge, the refinement of intellect, the nurturing of faith, the promotion of service, and the development of character. Please visit our website through the image above or the link below.

Marion Military Institute

Lovelace Hall

Marion Military Institute, a two-year public institution of higher learning, educates and develops cadets as future leaders through an immersive experiential military environment which integrates intellectual, leadership, character and physical development in order to prepare them for success in four-year colleges, U.S. service academies, and in military and civilian careers. Please visit our website through the image above or the link below.